Ferrari-Powered Subaru Rally Car Gets Its First Shakedown And It Sounds Glorious

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Sam Albert is continuing his ngo to usage a Ferrari V8 successful his Subaru Rally Car. Now, we’re getting the archetypal videos of the shakedown process and a small penetration into what’s next. Stop what you’re doing and perceive to 8 Italian cylinders kicking up immoderate rocks.

We told you a fewer weeks backmost astir however and wherefore Albert pursued this rarified powertrain arsenic opposed to thing much conventional. The people aspirated F136 IB V8 that he’s utilizing skirts regulations, provides smoother powerfulness delivery, and carries that powerfulness to redline. It surely doesn’t wounded that it sounds astonishing too.

In his past update, Albert was successful the process of dyno-tuning the car. He ran into immoderate issues similar breaking his driveshaft and having to region his headers but this movie proves that things ended up conscionable fine. Albert tested the car astatine DirtFish rally school and got immoderate large clips on the way.

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Hearing a Ferrari V8 wail distant connected a ungraded aboveground similar that is simply a melding of 2 large facets of motorsport. Still, it isn’t conscionable a brainsick physique for the involvement of a brainsick build. This rally car is going to vie and it’s astir apt much functional than astir would realize. For example, the motorboat power diagnostic inactive works.

Albert hasn’t said what, if any, different changes mightiness beryllium connected the mode successful the aboriginal but we bash cognize that he’s successful the process of dialing successful the details. He’ll dial successful the motorboat power and the level displacement tuning earlier taking the car to what’ll apt beryllium its archetypal sanctioned lawsuit connected April 22nd. That’s the day of the Olympus Rally successful Shelton, Washington.

We’ll proceed to travel the advancement arsenic this chaotic racer comes today. Hopefully, it’ll proceed a agelong contented of occurrence successful motorsport for Ferrari and Subaru. Only this time, it would beryllium together.

Image Credit: Sam Albert

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