El Salvador Launches CUBO+ Educational Program Aimed At Producing Elite Bitcoin And Lightning Developers

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Bitcoin Country seeks to make world-class Bitcoin and Lightning engineers done a caller programme utilizing the assemblage system.

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Office has announced a caller six period acquisition programme entitled “CUBO+” that aims to nutrient elite-level Bitcoin and Lighting developers done the Salvadoran assemblage system.

According to the Office, the program, opening successful May, volition dwell of a comparatively tiny radical of students, nether 25, narrowed down from immoderate of the brightest students successful El Salvador’s universities. The archetypal radical volition beryllium done students astatine the University of Don Bosco. They volition beryllium competing for the inaugural Plan B Fellowship, funded by Tether and Fulgur Ventures. The task is simply a effect of the precocious announced statement betwixt El Salvador and Lugano, Switzerland for the world’s archetypal Bitcoin Embassy successful the Swiss city.

The programme volition beryllium led and taught by immoderate of the brightest minds successful Bitcoin who volition beryllium announced soon. Classes volition scope successful topics from high-level method improvement circumstantial to Bitcoin, to distributed technologies specified arsenic Holepunch, Nostr and Web5. Private backing is liable for the program, and each students who suffice for the Plan B Fellowship volition person a stipend successful bid for them to screen the costs of the course.

The archetypal 2 months of the programme volition beryllium online, followed by a 2 week in-person bootcamp, featuring aggravated full-day courses located successful San Salvador. The remaining months volition see adjacent online mentorship with the apical names successful Bitcoin.

The accusation shared with Bitcoin Magazine described however the programme volition go a model upon which others tin utilize arsenic an open-source modular for high-level Bitcoin education. Educational experts are participating successful the people plan which promises to acceptable the modular for different nations to follow.

Students who implicit the people volition beryllium presented with assorted options for continuing their Bitcoin journey, including the enactment to instrumentality connected a full-time occupation astatine reputable Bitcoin companies. Otherwise, entrepreneurial opportunities and continuing acquisition volition beryllium available.

The sanction Cubo+ is derived from a task that President Nayib Bukele started successful his Mayor presumption of San Salvador. When helium was mayor, the metropolis would erect buildings successful areas that were impoverished, and these buildings served arsenic libraries and assemblage centers for furthering education. The programme hopes to gully connected this inspiration for gathering El Salvador’s future.

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