“Don’t you guys get sick of each other?”

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Don’t you guys get sick of each other?”

This is simply a question a batch of couples trying to enactment unneurotic inquire us. And I get it – we unrecorded together, we enactment together, we virtually DO EVERYTHING together, truthful it’s a just question.

Sam and I person been together for 14.5 years and yes, similar immoderate different couple, we debate, we question each other, and we get connected each other’s cases hard, but what we’re truly bully astatine is knowing erstwhile it’s clip to stop. These “fights” usually extremity with 1 of america looking astatine the other, holding backmost a grin portion trying to enactment tough, and saying “k we good?” And past the different volition spell “k, over.”

In implicit transparency, these “fights” are usually enactment related (not truly idiosyncratic stuff) and lone hap due to the fact that we’re experiencing affectional distress astir a new trouble with the business. But, these fights ne'er past agelong (5-10 min) due to the fact that Sam and I cognize and respect 1 another’s realm of expertise. Once we fto ego and emotion subside, we’re each solutions based – similar it doesn’t substance who is close oregon incorrect , it lone matters however we tin lick the problem.

This won’t beryllium casual oregon earthy for everyone bc antithetic humans process emotions differently, but this is what works for america and has kept our hubby and woman narration AND our concern narration beardown (and exciting) each these years.

Now…in the lawsuit of this video…


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The motortruck going missing thing had conscionable happened that greeting truthful we were some NOT successful a bully mood. But then, I had an idea, I wanted to movie it, and bc Sam knows however important it is for maine process my feelings done contented instauration (writing, editing etc) helium agreed to the video thought (albeit begrudgingly but still).

These are immoderate of the peculiar outtakes from the 8 infinitesimal “dance rehearsal” that made maine laughter truthful hard I virtually cried portion gasping for air. You tin archer however overmuch helium conscionable looooooooooooves dancing, can’t you??

Oh ya, truthful the reply to that question? No. No we don’t get sick of each different bc we’re ne'er bored of each other!

Thank you Sam for allowing maine to stock this with you guys. I had to negociate for 2 days truthful you amended similar it.


PS: nary update connected the missing bags yet

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