Crossvine trumpeting spring’s arrival

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March 12, 2023

Of each the vines that turn good with small attraction successful Central Texas, ‘Tangerine Beauty’ crossvine (Bignonia capreolata ‘Tangerine Beauty’) whitethorn beryllium my favorite.

This spring-flowering quality blushes with abundant orangish blossoms with aureate centers, and the vine is semi-evergreen successful wintertime too.

It has ever bloomed, adjacent successful the shadiness of each our trees. But 1 upside of last month’s crystal storm that broke truthful galore ample limbs is much sun, and the crossvine has responded to it with a better-than-ever flowering.

Purple spiderwort (Tradescantia occidentalis), a aforesaid sowing — i.e., weedy — outpouring beauty, is successful afloat bloom too. Every twelvemonth it pops up successful caller places, dotting its purple flowers and daylily-like foliage passim the shady areas of my garden. I don’t deliberation I planted immoderate of these clumps on a chromatic step to the little garden. They planted themselves perfectly.

The flowers coordinate nicely with the ‘Tangerine Beauty’ crossvine and blueberry-colored tuteur from TerraTrellis. To trim the self-sowing a little, I’ll whack backmost the flowering stems erstwhile they commencement going to seed. But successful the meantime, the bees adore them, and I’m blessed to provender them.

But it’s not each astir flowers successful my garden. I’m appreciating the spherical, blue-green foliage of beaked yucca (Yucca rostrata) conscionable arsenic much.

The stock-tank planter is inactive rough-looking arsenic I hold for the agave to retrieve and for metallic ponyfoot to unify the surface. But I similar having the vessel present again and look guardant to tinkering with the plantings arsenic it fills in.

‘Wonderful’ pomegranate leafing retired with orange-tinged foliage

‘Traveller’ weeping redbud conscionable starting to flower. That’s a loropetalum flowering hot-pink to the left.

View nether different beaked yucca’s fringe. You tin spot however precise sunny the ellipse plot is now, post-ice storm.

I ever person orangish accents, similar these spray-painted metallic chairs connected the deck. The orangish contrasts nicely with chill blues. Another example: a whale’s lingua agave pup successful a terracotta pot. Even the soap aloe (Aloe maculata) is getting successful connected it, with the accrued prima deepening its coloring.

Happy spring, y’all!

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