CarExpert becomes number one on YouTube

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When we started CarExpert astir 3 years ago, we had an ambition to get backmost to making large contented again and go fig 1 successful caller cars successful Australia.

And we wanted to marque definite that successful summation to delivering prime contented connected the site, we could backmost that up with prime video content.

We adopted a azygous presenter strategy for video and created a workflow that was efficient. We’re arrogant to denote that conscionable yesterday we overtook Drive to go Australia’s largest caller car reappraisal transmission connected YouTube by subscribers – hitting the 300,000 marker.

Prior to yesterday we were already the largest connected monthly views* – netting a small implicit 3 cardinal views per month. The past 30 days person been peculiarly bully with our Ute of the Year contented conscionable nudging implicit 1 cardinal views alone, taking the cumulative monthly watched hours to implicit 360,000.

It goes without saying that our video squad works tirelessly to movie and edit each of the contented and it besides goes without saying that we person a stack much planned successful the coming months (big outcry retired to Igor, Sean and Atko for everything they do).

So acknowledgment again for supporting us, by visiting the website regular for your automotive news, reviews and caller car pricing fix, by watching and subscribing to the CarExpert transmission connected YouTube and astir of all, for believing successful what we do.

As we program retired the adjacent twelvemonth of content, we’d emotion to cognize what you’d similar to spot much oregon little of some connected the website and connected video. Your feedback helps america turn and make the contented that you privation to work and watch.

*SocialBlade, past 30 days views, 13 February – 13 March 2023.

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