Best Food For Senior Dogs: Aging Dog Nutrition Explained

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It’s good known that nutrition plays a large relation successful a puppy’s health, but it’s often forgotten that these aboriginal months aren’t the lone stage of a dog’s beingness wherever they person peculiar nutritional needs. Senior dogs also need a fare that supports their aging bodies, which is wherefore we privation to assistance you find the champion nutrient for elder dogs.

What should you look for erstwhile choosing the champion nutrient for elder dogs?

Senior dogs person antithetic nutritional needs compared to their younger counterparts. Knowing this, the champion nutrient for elder dogs is 1 that provides them with the nutrients indispensable to assistance them unrecorded a happy, healthy life. But what precisely should you look for erstwhile choosing nutrient for your senior dog?

  • Fatty acids: Omega-6 fatty acids are large astatine promoting steadfast compartment growth, adding radiance to coats, and replacing oils successful the skin, whereas omega-3 fatty acids dainty inflammation in the tegument and joints.
  • High-quality protein: Senior dogs request their fare to incorporate plentifulness of high-quality protein to substance their muscles, arsenic nonaccomplishment of musculus wide is simply a communal occupation in older dogs.
  • Higher levels of vitamins C and E: Senior pups tin payment from higher levels of vitamin C, arsenic it reduces inflammation, and vitamin E, which promotes a healthy immune system, skin, coat, and more.
  • Fiber: Constipation is a communal contented with elder dogs, truthful a fare that is precocious successful fibre tin assistance keep them regular.
  • Antioxidants: Adding antioxidants to your elder dog’s regular fare helps to amended representation and cognitive function.
  • High moisture content: Senior dogs are besides much apt to beryllium dehydrated passim the day, truthful expanding their h2o intake is simply a large mode to alteration age-related changes.

It whitethorn look daunting to instrumentality each of these nutrition requirements into information erstwhile choosing the champion nutrient for elder dogs, but this is wherefore it’s beneficial to marque the power to Freshpet. Each Freshpet recipe is crafted with high-quality ingredients and mildly steamed astatine debased temperatures to support the integrity of the ingredients. This ensures it’s packed with indispensable micronutrients lone recovered successful caller food.

How important is hydration for elder dogs?

Proper hydration is important astatine each stages of your dog’s life, but it is particularly important during their elder years arsenic they go more prone to dehydration. Specifically, hydration plays a large relation successful maintaining healthy:

  • Joints: Proper hydration levels guarantee that your pet’s joints are decently lubricated and can move without symptom oregon stiffness.
  • Digestion: Water helps keep your pup’s wide digestive strategy moving smoothly and helps with the absorption of nutrients from their food.
  • Senses: Water also plays a relation successful keeping your dog’s mucous membranes moist, truthful they tin smell and sensation properly.
  • Cognition: Not lone does water cushion and support your dog’s encephalon and spinal cord, it impacts their overall cognition. If dogs don’t devour capable h2o they tin amusement symptoms of confusion and deficiency of coordination.
  • Skin, coat, and nails: Without due hydration, your dog’s skin, coat, and nails can become adust and brittle which is not lone uncomfortable but tin effect successful issues such arsenic fur loss.

An casual mode to assistance summation your pup’s wide hydration is making a power to caller food. Freshpet’s refrigerated food is the champion nutrient for elder dogs due to the fact that it is precocious successful carnal protein. You tin expect each look to person the aforesaid moisture contented arsenic fresh, human-grade meats which is betwixt 70-75% moisture.

Keeping an oculus connected your elder dog’s wide water intake tin besides springiness you an aboriginal informing of imaginable wellness concerns. For example, if you announcement your canine is abruptly drinking overmuch much h2o than usual, this could bespeak issues specified arsenic kidney failure, and diabetes mellitus.

Which Freshpet recipes make the champion nutrient for elder dogs?

Every Freshpet look is crafted with ingredients that ensure your canine gets each of the nutrients they request during their elder years. So when it comes to deciding which Freshpet look is the champion nutrient for elder dogs, it comes down to your pup’s preferences.

Currently, Freshpet offers 3 chiseled look formats:

  • Bagged meals: Our fully cooked and ready-to-serve bagged meals incorporate crushed macromolecule with a vitamin-rich assortment of fruits and veggies.
  • Rolls: Our classic slice-and-serve rolls tin beryllium served arsenic discs, blocks, oregon mashed.
  • Patties and Mixers: Our Patties tin beryllium served chopped up, breached apart, oregon shredded either connected their ain oregon with a complementing Mixer.

No 1 format is amended than the different for elder dogs – it all comes down to which texture and flavors your canine prefers.

If you’re not definite wherever to start, our Freshpet vet, Dr. Aziza, suggests trying Freshpet® Select Fresh from the Kitchen™ Home Cooked Chicken look arsenic it has a precocious moisture content, antioxidant-rich cranberries, and high-quality macromolecule that is simply a steadfast canine nutrient enactment for elder dogs.

Alternatively, you could see a look wherever the superior macromolecule is salmon, specified arsenic the Freshpet® Select Multi-Protein Complete repast with Chicken, Beef, Egg, and Salmon recipe. Salmon is precocious successful vitamin E, which tin beryllium beneficial for elder dogs to person successful somewhat higher amounts than younger dogs.

mid-sized elder  achromatic  canine  licking its lips and sitting successful  a sunny writer  field.

We anticipation you person a amended knowing of elder canine nutrition needs and however to take the champion nutrient for elder dogs. If you person immoderate further questions connected choosing the close look for your elder dog, talk to your veterinarian – they volition beryllium capable to marque recommendations based connected your dog’s specific needs.

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