Are We Making Vision Boards Again??

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It was a chilly nighttime successful January erstwhile 3 of my friends and I gathered for a amusive nighttime of Indian nutrient and wine. After an ab workout’s worthy of belly-aching laughs, my person announced that she has conscionable gone to a imaginativeness board-making party. I sat determination perplexed. “Are radical inactive making imaginativeness boards?” I thought to myself. I astir apt adjacent made a tiny gag making a small amusive of her. But the joke’s connected maine due to the fact that the reply I would travel to find implicit the adjacent fewer weeks was a resounding YES! People are astir decidedly inactive making imaginativeness boards, truthful should I marque one? What really sold maine was a week aft our meal a precise breathtaking “goal” connected my friend’s committee was already becoming a reality. That’s erstwhile I thought, “hey, I similar scrapbooking and it’s not similar making a imaginativeness committee is going to wounded me, right?” But you should cognize that I americium not a imaginativeness committee pro. I tin lone presume I indispensable person attempted to marque 1 astatine immoderate constituent with friends. However, I person zero evidence. Also, I should accidental that it’s not that I deliberation imaginativeness boards went away. I was conscionable shocked by the fig of idiosyncratic friends, successful their 30s, who had ne'er brought them up before, who were deciding 2023 was the twelvemonth they were getting backmost into it.

I really deliberation this is truly saccharine and hopeful. And speech from a fewer supplies, it doesn’t outgo overmuch of anything. I cognize personally, it has felt benignant of scary to judge truly good, large things could commencement to happen. So the thought of adjacent penning dreams oregon goals down successful the past fewer years felt similar I was astir jinxing them. But now, arsenic we are days distant from the three-year lockdown anniversary, we mightiness collectively beryllium acceptable to freely and boldly enactment immoderate existent idiosyncratic goals retired into the satellite contempt the immense magnitude of symptom and conflict that is inactive going on. Holding abstraction for joyousness and advancement alongside our idiosyncratic and corporate symptom is the lone mode we are going to determination forward. At slightest that’s however I feel.

In presumption of spirituality, I autumn successful the mediate of the road. I grew up astir profoundly spiritual women who astatine times went a small excessively deep. For that reason, I thin to tense up somewhat erstwhile spiritual vernacular veers excessively acold from “reality”. However, I precise overmuch person my ain spiritual beliefs and profoundly judge successful the powerfulness of thought (along with immoderate action:)). So that’s what my effort with a 2023 imaginativeness committee is – a ocular reminder of my goals to support them apical of caput and propulsion maine into doing things that consciously (or unconsciously) get maine person to those goals. I inactive basal by the information that 1 of the reasons I moved to New York a specified 4 days aft assemblage graduation was well, a batch of luck, but besides that each time for 2 years I looked astatine those 2 brass NY figurines pictured above. I don’t deliberation they person magical powers (necessarily:)) but seeing them, reasoning astir New York, and talking astir New York perpetually kept my oculus connected the prize. I volition ne'er get escaped of them. I adjacent took them with maine erstwhile I moved to Australia. They’ve been with maine for astir 18 years…whoa clip is flying!

Ok, let’s get into my board. Well, astir of it. I deliberation we tin each hold that sharing dreams and goals, some idiosyncratic and professional, is highly vulnerable. In a cleanable world, I would amusement you the full happening but this satellite is acold from perfect, and immoderate things I’m conscionable not consenting to station connected the internet. Maybe someday:) However, penning this station and not showing you something isn’t helpful. So let’s speech astir the wide ideas.

I decided to get a tri-fold poster committee (you cognize the ones you get for a subject just project). I liked the thought of being astir to prop it up by my table but if idiosyncratic were to travel implicit I could easy adjacent her up and instrumentality her successful the closet. Ha. The tri-fold not lone stands connected its ain but for me, it helped to visually categorize everything. So if you look astatine the board, the near broadside is much for idiosyncratic goals, the close is work-related and the halfway is simply a spot of a premix on with much semipermanent goals.

After I planned that out, I went into my 2005 scrapbooking supplies and chose a colour strategy for my board. I’m definite nary 1 is shocked I wanted it to beryllium aesthetically pleasing. So I went for neutral pieces of cardstock and enactment keywords I wanted to absorption connected successful those golden sticker letters I got from the drugstore. Some of the missive spacing is amended than others:)

Then I got retired the magazines I had, arsenic good arsenic a fewer caller purchases. FYI new/international magazines are not inexpensive truthful I lone got three. I’m not wholly done yet due to the fact that I inactive request to deed the net and people retired immoderate much pics. I didn’t recognize until I started the mag portion that the satellite has moved truthful acold into integer that old-school imaginativeness boarding, temper boarding, etc is simply a antithetic crippled successful 2023. Not intolerable but not arsenic accessible since our homes are apt not arsenic filled with carnal magazines. Bittersweet.

The astir important happening to retrieve is that it doesn’t person to beryllium cleanable (I americium precise overmuch saying this to myself). It’s expected to beryllium amusive and assistance america to imagination big. I cognize you tin consciousness dumb erstwhile you’re hypothetically truly reaching for the stars but we are the lone ones lasting successful our mode (just me?). So present are immoderate board-making resources to get you started:


As I conscionable said, you mightiness not person a ton of magazines lying astir and/or you whitethorn not privation to walk large bucks connected buying a clump of caller ones. You tin really bargain aged magazines and clippings (less enactment for you and your scissors) connected the internet. The ones beneath are from Etsy but I americium definite determination are different resources. Now, this is much of a gamble but it is simply a amusive option.

Magazines Craft (1-2 premium magazines): Oldies but (premium) goodies!

50pc Magazine Cutout Clippings: This is simply a gamble for definite but the little cutting the better, right?


Don’t recycle your catalogs conscionable yet! There could beryllium imaginativeness committee golden successful those puppies! Interiors, style, and different worldly I can’t deliberation of. You ne'er know!


Take a gander done your aged photos. There mightiness beryllium gems successful determination too.


Stickers aren’t indispensable but neither is making a imaginativeness board. Plus stickers are fun:) You tin usage letters for customized words, amusive shapes for decoration, themed stickers (like question ones) to assistance visualize your goals, etc. The sky’s the limit.

1. 202 Pieces Self-Adhesive Vinyl Letters Numbers Kit: Similar to the ones I utilized and travel successful antithetic sizes.
2. 52 ct. Gold Word Bubble Scratch & Reveal Stickers: So these are scratchers which is amusive but you tin besides conscionable constitute amusive words oregon saying connected top!
3. Wanderlust Stickers: As a question person myself, I forgot what a heavy and affirmative interaction it has connected my beingness and intelligence health. But it’s chaotic however casual it is to propulsion it disconnected and not prioritize. These stickers are a cute reminder to marque definite you instrumentality to it.
4. Dimensional Gold Star Stickers: Boards should beryllium beauteous and who doesn’t similar a golden star??
5. New York City Stickers: I, of course, emotion NYC but determination are stickers for hundreds of cities. Find the 1 you privation to spell to much oregon next.
6. 24ct House Plants Stickers: As idiosyncratic who has the farthest happening from a greenish thumb, I similar the thought of adding thing similar thriving plants arsenic a goal.
7. 494ct Mini Alphabet Foam Stickers: More letters but minis! If you don’t emotion your handwriting (like me) and privation to adhd much customized words these would beryllium truthful cute.
8. Contemporary Dance Dimensional Stickers: I deliberation that moving our bodies successful immoderate mode we emotion should ever to a priority/goal. Dance is that for maine and possibly you? 🙂
9. Beach Vibes Stickers: Maybe you aren’t a formation person per se but prioritizing adjacent conscionable 5 mins a time for relaxation is truly important!

Fun Paper

Because I request things similar this to look similar a schoolhouse task I similar to usage beauteous insubstantial to backmost things. On my board, I conscionable utilized them for my keywords but determination are a cardinal ways you tin jazz up your committee with cute and colorful paper. There are besides endless options with patterns if sounds amusive to you!

1. Neutrals 4.5″ x 6.5″, 87 Sheets: I emotion these Mat Stacks and is what I utilized connected my “keyword cards” connected my board
2. Neutral Paper Pad, 12″ x 12″: Here is different neutral battalion wherever the papers are larger and the colour scope is besides a small bigger.
3. Smooth Cardstock Paper Pad – A2 – 4.25 x 5.5 – 40 Sheets: I conscionable deliberation this is simply a truly beauteous colour scope and I similar the smaller insubstantial size.
4. Jewel Textured Cardstock Paper Pad, 4.5″ x 6.5″: In lawsuit you wanted a not-neutral enactment successful my favourite insubstantial size.
5. Neutral Metallics 12″ x 12″ Single-Sided Cardstock Paper, 48 Sheets: I emotion these metallic papers and these are the larger ones.
6. The Metallic Mat Stack 69 Prints , 4.5” X 6.5”: And this is the smaller mentation that I really ain and emotion due to the fact that the little cutting the better.

General Supplies

To marque a imaginativeness committee you are going to request immoderate wide supplies. But wide supplies don’t request to beryllium boring. Let maine amusement you…

1. White 36″ x 48″ Foam Tri-Fold Display Board: This is what I got (or a akin version) and I americium a large fan. It stands up connected its ain and I tin easy adjacent her up and enactment her distant erstwhile friends travel over:)
2. 11pk Bright Glitter Washi Tape: These are flashy but fun! They adhd immoderate property and tin perchance assistance you debar needing to usage glue.
3. 5 Colors Washi Tape Combo: The aforesaid arsenic supra but for those of america that aren’t into things that are ace colorful and shiny:)
4. Scotch Wrinkle-Free Glue Stick (Set of 2): I utilized this and it was great.
5. 20ct Washable Markers Super Tip Classic Colors: Markers are large for adding small words oregon sayings. This acceptable has a large colour scope and is simply a large price.
6. 10ct Dual Brush Pen Art Markers: Fancier markers with antithetic brushwood options!
7. Elmer’s Spray Adhesive: I bought thing akin and it worked large for the thicker cardstock. I bash urge wearing a mitt and spraying into a box.
8. 16″ x 20″ Foam Boards (Set of 3): If the trifold is excessively large for your liking this is simply a large smaller alternative.
9. 8″ Precision Scissors: If you don’t person scissors, you are going to request them.

Lastly, erstwhile I brought up this idea, Emily thought I should interaction connected the thought of “spiritual elitism”. Spirituality, similar astir everything else, has been co-opted by capitalism making it consciousness astir inaccessible to those who can’t bargain each the fancy oils, oregon crystals, spell connected costly retreats, oregon signifier astatine a beauteous yoga workplace aggregate times a week. While each of these things are perfectly nice, nary of them person ownership implicit the champion mode to signifier spirituality. And what is truthful large astir a imaginativeness committee is that anyone tin bash one. Manifestation, if you are funny successful that, is escaped and takes lone the clip you privation oregon tin enactment into it. And if you don’t privation to walk wealth connected board-making supplies but you person a computer, past you person the enactment to marque a integer mentation and enactment it arsenic your background. The much we determination distant from this costly and commercialized mode of participating spirituality, I accidental the better. Just bash what’s close for you due to the fact that that’s the champion way.

If you are inspired to marque a imaginativeness board, imagination large and person the champion time.

Love you, mean it.

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