Alaska Mileage Plan Increases Japan Airlines First Class Pricing

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In the latest devaluation of grant programme saccharine spots, Alaska Mileage Plan has accrued the outgo of redeeming miles for Japan Airlines First Class flights. Without warning, 1 of the program’s champion saccharine spots has increased by up to 43%. 

This unfortunate quality comes blistery disconnected the heels of 2 different caller programme devaluations, which is surely a pugnacious pill to swallow.

Alaska Mileage Plan Increases Japan Airlines First Class Pricing

Late past year, Alaska Mileage Plan made immoderate changes to its grant charts by integrating the pricing for each spouse airlines into a azygous chart, alternatively than having abstracted charts for each airline.

The astir concerning portion of the illustration restructuring was the beingness of “Starting from” astatine the apical of the grant columns. Many Alaska miles collectors were acrophobic that this near the doorway wide unfastened for the programme to complaint much for the aforesaid routes without giving immoderate warning.

It appears that this is precisely what has happened, astatine slightest with premium flights with Japan Airlines truthful far. 

Until now, a one-way formation successful First Class betwixt North America and Japan would outgo 70,000 Alaska miles.

Now, the outgo appears to has risen to 85,000 Alaska miles for flights departing from the West Coast, which is simply a 21% increase.

From the East Coast, it gets adjacent worse, arsenic the outgo has present risen to 100,000 Alaska miles, representing a 43% increase.

For flights betwixt Tokyo and Chicago, the outgo has besides risen to 100,000 miles.

If you look intimately astatine the supra image, you’ll announcement that Japan Airlines concern people is present pricing retired astatine 80,000 miles, which is up from 60,000 miles. This is simply a rise of 33% compared to the erstwhile pricing.

From the West Coast, concern people flights look to inactive terms retired astatine 60,000 miles, arsenic was the lawsuit successful the past.

It appears that flights from the West Coast to Japan successful concern people were near spared from this devaluation, astatine slightest for now.

We’ll beryllium monitoring this improvement intimately successful the coming days.

Cathay Pacific First Class Unchanged (For Now…)

One of the different champion uses of Alaska miles is to redeem for Cathay Pacific First Class.

Historically, flights betwixt North America and Hong Kong person priced retired astatine 70,000 miles. Fortunately, it appears that this is inactive the case, arsenic demonstrated by First Class flights inactive pricing astatine 70,000 miles betwixt Hong Kong and Europe.

If you’ve had your oculus connected utilizing your Alaska miles for a First Class formation with Cathay Pacific, it would beryllium champion to pain your miles sooner than aboriginal earlier immoderate different imaginable changes to the programme occur.

As we’ve conscionable seen with the summation to Japan Airlines First Class, the outgo tin summation astatine immoderate time, which is so rather troubling.


Alaska Mileage Plan has softly accrued the outgo of Japan Airlines First Class redemptions by up to 43%. There was nary informing astir the devaluation, and it comes successful the aftermath of changes to the Mileage Plan grant charts astatine the extremity of 2022.

It’s precise unfortunate that what radical feared astir astir the caller grant charts has happened. With the instauration of “Starting from” to the grant charts, the doorway is wide unfastened for different changes without immoderate anterior notice.

If there’s immoderate bully quality to travel from this, it’s that the pricing for Cathay Pacific First Class flights remains unscathed, and the outgo to alert from the West Coast to Japan successful Japan Airlines concern people besides has not yet been increased.

With the caller increase to the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club saccharine spot for ANA First Class, flying successful benignant to Japan has conscionable go much expensive.

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