Aeroplan eStore: Earn Points for Online Shopping

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One of the astir charismatic features of the Aeroplan programme is that determination are galore methods to travel crossed Aeroplan points.

Aside from spending connected a co-branded recognition card, transferring points successful from American Express Membership Rewards and different slope programs, and crediting paid flights, the Aeroplan eStore is different casual mode to boost your points equilibrium connected mundane spending.

By making online purchases done the eStore, you tin gain Aeroplan points connected buying that you would person different done and not earned anything. If you clip your spending during promotions oregon usage a co-branded recognition paper to pay, you tin further pad your equilibrium and get person to your adjacent aspirational trip.

What Is the Aeroplan eStore?

The Aeroplan eStore is an online portal wherein Aeroplan members get to gain points with purchases that spell done it. You tin deliberation of it arsenic akin to a currency backmost tract similar Rakuten, lone you’re earning Aeroplan points to assistance with your question goals alternatively of simply getting currency back.

You tin besides redeem Aeroplan points done the eStore, though arsenic we’ll show, you’ll surely get amended worth by redeeming them for flights instead.

The eStore is tally successful concern with RewardsOps, a Toronto-based tech institution that provides solutions successful the loyalty abstraction — successful this case, to Air Canada and Aeroplan.

Shopping portals similar the Aeroplan eStore chiefly gain wealth by splitting commissions they gain done idiosyncratic purchases.

In addition, Aeroplan and RewardOps summation insights into their lawsuit basal by collecting their browsing and buying data. While that sounds concerning, cooky information and different tracking technologies are a world of the internet, conscionable similar however Google and Facebook grounds our each determination online.

Earning Aeroplan Points connected the eStore

The main gully of the eStore is that you tin gain Aeroplan points erstwhile making a acquisition from an online retailer.

The basal earning complaint is 1 Aeroplan constituent per dollar spent earlier exclusions specified arsenic taxes and shipping. We worth Aeroplan points astatine 2.1 cents per constituent (CAD), truthful effectively, you’re getting astatine slightest 2.1% backmost connected purchases.

The points you gain alteration by store, with immoderate offering a higher earning complaint than others.

For example, of the 170+ online buying partners, you’ll find earning rates that scope from 1 constituent per dollar spent each the mode to 10 points per dollar spent.

Furthermore, passim the year, the eStore puts connected promotions erstwhile definite stores are featured. During these events, the promoted stores connection a higher earning rate, arsenic we’ll spell implicit successful item below.

The fig of points you tin gain astatine immoderate fixed store is intelligibly displayed connected the eStore’s landing page, and you tin usage filters to constrictive down the benignant of store you’re looking for.

For example, if you privation to acquisition immoderate electronics, the filter volition lone amusement you eStore partners that merchantability electronics, on with the earning complaint astatine each one.

Be definite to look astir for the stores with the highest earning complaint if they hap to merchantability the aforesaid item.

Redeeming Aeroplan Points connected the eStore

As you know, Aeroplan points tin beryllium utilized for formation redemptions with Air Canada oregon 1 of its galore Star Alliance oregon non-alliance hose partners.

Your points tin instrumentality you anyplace from a abbreviated system people formation betwixt Vancouver Island and Vancouver, each the mode to long-haul flights successful concern people and First Class with immoderate of the world’s champion airlines.

On the eStore, Aeroplan allows you to redeem your points for a myriad of different things, including iPhones, electronics, and different merchandise. 

For example, you could acquisition an iPhone 14 Pro 128GB for 159,900 Aeroplan points during a sale.

By our valuation, that’s $3,357 (CAD) worthy of points. Frankly, it doesn’t correspond large worth erstwhile the existent retail terms for the aforesaid exemplary is $1,399 (CAD) astatine the Apple Store.

You tin astir surely get much bang for your subordinate (in this case, points) by redeeming your points for flights instead. For example, you tin usage 120,000 points to snag a round-trip summons from Toronto to Paris successful concern class, which is surely worthy overmuch much than the iPhone.

As is usually the case, redeeming hose points for merchandise conscionable doesn’t springiness you the aforesaid outsized worth arsenic for flights, particularly successful premium cabins. 

How to Use the Aeroplan eStore

In bid to gain points done the Aeroplan eStore, you’ll request to initiate your buying league done the eStore portal. There are a mates of ways to spell astir this, and it’s a reasonably straightforward process nary substance which method you choose. 

Making a Purchase

The Aeroplan eStore’s portal tin beryllium accessed done a mobile oregon desktop browser. You tin find a nexus to the portal done by accessing your Aeroplan relationship connected the Air Canada website oregon app, oregon alternatively, you tin bookmark this link and pin it to your browser.

The main leafage of the Aeroplan eStore portal has featured stores and categories if you’re conscionable browsing and request immoderate ideas. But if you already person stores oregon items successful mind, you tin either look by class oregon hunt for circumstantial stores, specified arsenic Apple, done the barroom astatine the top.

You’ll past beryllium asked to supply your Aeroplan fig and past name, and the model volition pb you to your chosen storefront.

From there, you conscionable implicit your purchases arsenic you different would, and you’ll person earned other Aeroplan points for your efforts.

It’s important to beryllium alert of immoderate exclusions for products and services that don’t gain points, particularly for stores similar Amazon and Apple. This typically includes large items, specified arsenic Macbook Pros, arsenic good arsenic acquisition cards, acquisition wrapping, taxes, and shipping fees.

Any items that are excluded from earning points done the eStore are intelligibly labelled successful the presumption and conditions. Therefore, if you’re readying connected making a purchase, it’s ever a bully thought to skim done the substance to marque definite you’ll gain points.

Please enactment the pursuing items are not eligible for the accumulation of Aeroplan points: HomePod (2nd generation), the caller MacBook Pro 14” and 16”, Mac mini, Apple Pro Display XDR, acquisition cards, acquisition wrap, Apple Developer Programs, AppleCare+ monthly subscription, Employee Purchasing Programs and shipping. Orders purchased connected the Government oregon Military and Veteran’s Stores are not eligible for further Aeroplan points. Apple sells and ships products to extremity idiosyncratic customers only; you whitethorn not acquisition for resale. Eligible lone to a lawsuit for up to 5 (5) units per eligible product, but iPhone, successful which lawsuit lone 2 (2) units wrong a thirty-day (30-day) play are eligible.

You indispensable implicit your purchases successful the aforesaid browsing model and session, and you indispensable besides person your desktop oregon telephone browser’s cookies enabled for the tracking to enactment well. This means that it’s champion to program for your buying successful advance, and past implicit your acquisition successful 1 go.

You’ll besides privation to marque definite that you don’t person immoderate items successful your cart from erstwhile visits to the websites, arsenic these won’t beryllium eligible for earning Aeroplan points done the eStore. 

If you privation a much convenient mode to entree the Aeroplan eStore, you tin besides take to instal the Aeroplan Shopping Button, which is lone disposable connected the Google Chrome desktop browser.

Once it’s installed, you lone request to motion successful once, and whenever you sojourn a website that the eStore is affiliated with, the plugin volition punctual you to activate the existing points offer.

One caveat though is that the plugin is much “intrusive”, arsenic it actively tracks your browser activity. We suggest speechmaking done the privateness argumentation earlier installing it to marque definite you’re comfy with having it active.

Tracking Your Purchases

Cookies and different tracking exertion study your transaction, and you indispensable hold weeks oregon sometimes adjacent months for your points to amusement up successful your Aeroplan account. The crushed down this is that they indispensable relationship for immoderate returns oregon exchanges you mightiness marque — oregon successful the lawsuit of question bookings, immoderate cancellations.

It’s a bully thought to way each of your purchases by keeping your bid confirmation emails and shipping invoices. This way, if your points don’t amusement up aft 10 weeks, you tin marque an enquiry with the eStore’s lawsuit work team, who should travel up and guarantee that your points get awarded.

You tin presumption your bid past successful the Aeroplan eStore by clicking connected your sanction and selecting “Order History” from the drop-down list.

A array displaying your orders for the past 12 months volition past beryllium displayed. It usually takes a fewer days for 1 to amusement up here; however, sometimes, your orders won’t amusement up astatine all.

Indeed, this has been an ongoing contented with the eStore, arsenic galore users person had to hold months for points to amusement up. In immoderate cases, they’ve had to travel up with the eStore squad galore times, which is some frustrating and unnecessary. 

We’ve been assured that the Aeroplan squad is precise good alert of these issues, and that they’re actively moving connected a solution. In the meantime, you’ll person to support way of your purchases to guarantee each of the points you’re entitled to yet get successful your account.

It goes without saying that immoderate points earned from purchases that you upwind up returning volition beryllium taken backmost from your account. 

Tips and Tricks for the Aeroplan eStore

While earning points for buying that you’d bash anyhow is great, you tin pad your equilibrium adjacent much by pursuing these tips and tricks.

Aeroplan Co-Branded Credit Cards

If you person an Aeroplan co-branded recognition card, you’ll gain other points for each dollar you walk astatine the eStore. The fig of points you gain depends connected the basal earning complaint connected your card.

For example, if you person a premium Aeroplan recognition card, specified arsenic the American Express Aeroplan Reserve Card oregon the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege Card, you’ll get an other 1.25 points per dollar spent through the eStore. 

Premium Aeroplan Credit Cards
Credit Card Best Offer Value
90,000 Aeroplan points $676 Apply Now
90,000 Aeroplan points $1,449 Apply Now
Up to 90,000 Aeroplan points $1,921 Apply Now
115,000 Aeroplan points $1,278 Apply Now

If you person a halfway Aeroplan recognition card, specified arsenic the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card, the CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card, oregon the American Express Aeroplan Card, you’ll get an other 1 constituent per dollar spent astatine the eStore. 

Core Aeroplan Credit Cards
Credit Card Best Offer Value
50,000 Aeroplan points $1,071 Apply Now
Up to 60,000 Aeroplan points $735 Apply Now
60,000 Aeroplan points $661 Apply Now
55,000 Aeroplan points $1,114 Apply Now
Up to 55,000 Aeroplan points $945 Apply Now

The points earned from your recognition paper are successful summation to the earning complaint astatine the eStore. For example, if a store is offering you 1 constituent per dollar spent, you’d upwind up with a full of 2 oregon 2.25 points per dollar spent simply by utilizing your co-branded recognition card.

If you’re idiosyncratic who tends to bash a batch of online shopping, the points tin rapidly adhd up implicit the people of the year.

Aeroplan Elite Status

If you hap to person immoderate tier of Aeroplan Elite Status, 1 of the benefits includes earning an additional 2 Aeroplan points per dollar spent connected each eStore purchases. Since the points are added automatically, you don’t request to bash thing antithetic to get the bonus.

In fact, erstwhile you’re browsing done the eStore aft you’ve logged successful to your Aeroplan account, the further 2 points volition amusement up connected the storefront. 

The other 2 points per dollar spent are successful summation to the basal earning rate. So, if a store is offering 5 points per dollar spent to users without status, you’d gain 7 points per dollar spent arsenic idiosyncratic with status. 

And if you wage for your acquisition with a co-branded recognition card, you’d gain 8–8.25 points per dollar spent, depending connected the benignant of recognition paper you have.

Once again, the numbers statesman to adhd up precise rapidly if you’re capable to stack your earning.

Everyday Status Qualification

One unsocial diagnostic of Aeroplan is being capable to gain base-level presumption without ever having acceptable ft connected an airplane. This feature, known arsenic Everyday Status Qualification, is thing to support successful caput arsenic information for utilizing the Aeroplan eStore.

Over the people of a calendar year, if you earn 100,000 Aeroplan points done a assortment of means, you’ll get Aeroplan 25K status. Even arsenic the lowest-tier of presumption with Air Canada, you’ll bask immoderate large benefits, including eUpgrades, other baggage allowance, and precedence airdrome services.

Earn Aeroplan Elite Status done Everyday Status Qualification and alert concern people for the terms of economy

On the eStore, the points earned from purchases number towards Everyday Status Qualification. This includes bonuses and promotions, which tin adhd up truly rapidly if you clip your purchases right.

Note that the 2 other points per dollar spent earned by virtuousness of Aeroplan Elite Status do not number towards Everyday Status Qualification. The points earned from your recognition paper spending, however, do count. 

Promotions/Shopping Events

Throughout the year, the Aeroplan eStore puts connected promotions with boosted earning rates astatine prime stores. These events typically hap astir large holidays, and are sometimes tied to a circumstantial store, specified arsenic Apple.

During these events, which are intelligibly displayed connected the eStore landing page, you’ll typically spot basal earning rates from 5–10 points per dollar spent astatine prime stores. If you’ve had your oculus connected a large purchase, it whitethorn beryllium successful your champion involvement to clasp retired for 1 of these promotions.

The champion promotions hap during the weeks of Black Friday and Boxing Day. If you motion up for Aeroplan’s promotional emails, you’ll beryllium notified of immoderate promotions arsenic soon arsenic they’re available, and we’ll besides support you updated with immoderate large events.

Large Purchases

Naturally, ample purchases tin gain you a important fig of points connected the eStore, particularly during promotions.

For example, if you’ve had your oculus connected an iPhone for a while, waiting for an eStore promotion tin importantly boost your equilibrium successful a azygous transaction. 

By spending $1,549 (CAD) connected an iPhone Pro Max 128GB during a 5x points eStore lawsuit for Apple products, you could earn:

  • 7,745 Aeroplan points arsenic a basal and promotional earning complaint (5 points per dollar spent)
  • 3,098 Aeroplan points with Aeroplan Elite Status (2 points per dollar spent)
  • 1,936 Aeroplan points by paying with a premium co-branded recognition card (1.25 points per dollar spent)

That means you’d get a full of 12,779 Aeroplan points on your purchase, which by our valuation is adjacent to astir $257 (CAD), or a 17% return. 

By comparison, if you were to person purchased the aforesaid iPhone extracurricular of a promotion, you’d earn:

  • 1,549 Aeroplan points arsenic a basal earning complaint (1 constituent per dollar spent)
  • 3,098 Aeroplan points with Aeroplan Elite Status (2 points per dollar spent)
  • 1,936 Aeroplan points by paying with a premium co-branded recognition paper (1.25 points per dollar spent)

In total, you’d gain up to 6,583 Aeroplan points, which is worthy $138.24 (CAD), oregon a 9% return. This isn’t atrocious astatine all, but you tin fundamentally treble your points by simply holding retired for a promotion.

Gift Cards and Promo Codes

If you hap to browse done flyers, you whitethorn find that market stores often tally promotions connected acquisition cards. For instance, erstwhile successful a while, Loblaws and No Frills connection 15% backmost successful PC Optimum points connected Gap Brands acquisition cards.

You tin besides usage a credit paper with a 5x market multiplier to acquisition these acquisition cards, and past usage the acquisition cards towards your acquisition done the eStore. Online stores see acquisition cards arsenic if they were immoderate method of payment.

This way, you’re fundamentally “triple-dipping” and maximizing your earn. You’d get points by buying the acquisition paper done the store during a promotion, paying for the acquisition paper with your recognition paper and earning recognition paper points, and past you’d get Aeroplan points connected your eStore purchases utilizing the acquisition cards arsenic payment.

And to instrumentality it 1 measurement further, you tin sometimes usage promo codes for other discounts astatine checkout. Just beryllium definite to cheque the store’s exclusions to spot if promo codes are eligible for earning Aeroplan points.


The Aeroplan eStore is an online buying portal done which you tin gain other points for your online purchases. Using it is casual to do, and it either requires an other measurement earlier heading to an online store oregon installing the eStore plugin.

With implicit 170 retail partners, determination are plentifulness of ways to pad your Aeroplan equilibrium connected purchases that you’d marque anyway. You tin besides redeem Aeroplan points for merchandise connected the eStore, but you’re amended disconnected redeeming them for flights.

By timing your acquisition during a promotion with bonus points, leveraging your Aeroplan Elite Status, and paying with a co-branded recognition card, you tin summation your gain significantly.

If you’ve been dreaming astir an aspirational formation booking with Aeroplan, beryllium definite to usage the eStore arsenic 1 of the galore ways to scope your goals.

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