Aeroplan Adds Partnership with PAL Airlines

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Aeroplan has added PAL Airlines to its database of partners, marking the archetypal caller hose to articulation forces with Aeroplan successful 2023. 

The airline, which is based successful Newfoundland and Labrador and serves destinations successful the Maritimes and Quebec, brings the full fig of Aeroplan’s spouse airlines ever-so-close to 50.

The summation of PAL Airlines adds much connectivity successful Eastern Canada, giving passengers the enactment to alert to immoderate precise intriguing destinations, successful summation to much options for residents to entree large hub airports.

Redeem Aeroplan Points connected PAL Airlines

PAL Airlines has officially go Aeroplan’s newest spouse airline. The determination bearer features an all-economy compartment passim its fleet, offering flights to large and distant destinations crossed the Maritimes and Quebec.

PAL Airlines is Aeroplan’s newest partner

For the astir part, Aeroplan redemptions connected PAL Airlines travel the emblematic principles acceptable retired by Aeroplan:

  • Aeroplan members tin publication flights with PAL Airlines online astatine, connected the Air Canada app, oregon via the interaction centre
  • PAL Airlines flights tin beryllium combined with Air Canada flights and different hose partners
  • PAL Airlines flights are eligible for redemptions successful system people only, arsenic the hose operates an all-economy fleet
  • A $39 spouse booking interest volition use for immoderate itinerary that includes PAL Airlines

However, arsenic we’ll research below, reward pricing for flights with the hose volition yet beryllium taxable to a abstracted grant illustration that volition see different determination Canadian airlines, too. While afloat details person yet to beryllium announced, for each intents and purposes, determination volition beryllium different conception added to the Aeroplan Flight Reward Chart, akin to however Emirates has its ain chart.

The concern betwixt Aeroplan and PAL Airlines officially launched connected March 16, 2023, and you tin present gain and redeem Aeroplan points connected flights operated by PAL Airlines. 

PAL Airlines Destinations

Before we further analyse what it volition outgo successful points, let’s instrumentality a look astatine PAL Airlines’s way network. The determination hose flies passim Newfoundland and Labrador, with further flights to destinations successful Quebec, New Brunswick, and adjacent Ottawa.

The hose serves immoderate intriguing destinations, including Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine and Gaspé successful Quebec and Goose Bay successful Labrador.

From Goose Bay, you tin besides depart connected flights with Air Borealis to distant destinations successful Labrador. Air Borealis is an hose that was formed done a concern betwixt the Innu and Inuit of Labrador and PAL Airlines.

In presumption of much large airports, PAL Airlines flies to Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City, from which you tin drawback flights onward to different destinations successful Canada, the United States, oregon abroad.

PAL Airlines Award Pricing

Unlike astir partnerships with different airlines, determination is an absorbing twist for PAL Airlines that volition soon besides impact different determination carriers that are bookable with Aeroplan points. 

For a constricted time, redeeming Aeroplan points connected PAL Airlines volition beryllium taxable to modular partner-airline pricing. This means that the outgo of flights volition beryllium predictable, based connected the region flown and partner-airline pricing connected the “Within North America” conception of the Aeroplan Flight Reward Chart.

For example, a one-way formation from St. John’s (YYT) to Gander (YQX) volition outgo 6,000 Aeroplan points for the clip being, since it measures little than 500 miles. 

Indeed, the flights are already loaded successful Aeroplan’s inventory, and they terms retired arsenic expected.

However, aboriginal connected successful 2023, PAL Airlines and different Canadian determination hose partners, specified arsenic Calm Air and Air Creebec, volition beryllium transitioned to a abstracted grant chart. We don’t cognize the implicit details yet, but we’ll beryllium definite to marque an update arsenic soon arsenic 1 becomes available.

Until then, if you person your eyes connected immoderate destinations served by PAL Airlines, it’s successful your champion involvement to publication sooner alternatively than later.

For example, anyone based retired of Quebec City volition beryllium blessed to alert to Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine for conscionable 6,000 Aeroplan points.

Compared to the dynamic pricing connected the Air Canada flights via Montreal, the fixed pricing is simply a large deal, adjacent with the spouse booking fee.

For passengers based successful the Maritimes oregon Quebec, this is an accidental to unafraid fixed pricing to entree a larger airport, specified arsenic Montreal, Quebec City, oregon Ottawa. During times of highest demand, erstwhile flights with Air Canada tin beryllium priced overmuch higher, you’ll beryllium capable to payment from a fixed price.

There are up to 4 seats disposable connected astir routes, and availability is beauteous bully passim the docket connected each routes.

What Is PAL Airlines’s Onboard Product Like?

PAL Airlines presently has a fleet that includes De Havilland Dash 8-Q400, Dash 8-300, and Dash 8-100 aircraft, arsenic good arsenic Beechcraft 1900D. 

Each level successful PAL Airlines’s fleet features an all-economy cabin, with seating for 16–76 passengers, depending connected the aircraft.

While this whitethorn not beryllium the astir luxurious spouse airline, galore of the flights are of a abbreviated length. In immoderate cases, a formation volition beryllium akin to to flying with Air Canada connected shorter routes, specified arsenic betwixt Vancouver Island and Vancouver.

Sometimes, paying currency for flights to distant destinations tin beryllium precise expensive, truthful having an enactment to redeem points alternatively whitethorn so beryllium precise worthwhile.

Earn Aeroplan Points connected PAL Airlines

As portion of the caller partnership, passengers who alert connected currency fares with PAL Airlines whitethorn besides recognition their flights to Aeroplan and gain Aeroplan points, according to the pursuing chart:

The pursuing conditions besides use regarding earning towards Aeroplan points: 

  • Aeroplan members volition gain points based connected region flown connected each scheduled flights operated by PAL Airlines
  • Aeroplan Elite Status qualification is not applicable 


Aeroplan’s newest spouse provides extended way sum crossed Newfoundland and Labrador, arsenic good arsenic to destinations successful Quebec, the Maritimes, and adjacent Ottawa. PAL Airlines officially joined Aeroplan arsenic of March 16, 2023.

Based successful St. John’s, Newfoundland  but with a web that covers some distant and much large metropolis centres, PAL Airlines joins different Canadian determination carriers to connection members options for earning and redeeming Aeroplan points.

Later connected successful 2023, Aeroplan volition motorboat a abstracted grant illustration for Canadian determination carriers, and we’ll beryllium definite to supply accusation astir the changes successful owed course. Until then, each PAL Airlines flights volition proceed to terms according to the modular spouse hose pricing, which tin beryllium a large deal.

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