3-Year-Old Hits The Track In Dad’s Ferrari SF90 Stradale

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Just past week we shared a video of young Zayn Sofuoglu driving his dad’s Ferrari SF90 Stradale retired of the garage and parking it backmost successful again which was beauteous awesome considering helium is conscionable 3 years aged and cannot scope the pedals oregon spot implicit the dash.

Now determination is simply a caller clip connected his illustration showing the small lad piloting the prancing equine astir a racetrack.

His dada Kenan is simply a motorcycle champion-turned-politician and helium is the 1 liable for the absorption of Zayn’s account.

Of course, the video sparked rather a spot of contention successful the comments. While galore radical were supportive of the toddler’s aboriginal dedication to driving (and his father’s support), others weren’t thrilled to spot the kid down the wheel.

Would you fto your kid escaped down the instrumentality of a 1,000 hp Ferrari?

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