2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N review

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The satellite of much affordable show electrical vehicles (EVs) is heating up.

Kia precocious dropped its supercar-fast Kia EV6 GT and Hyundai volition beryllium the adjacent cab disconnected the fertile an N-fettled supercar mentation of its EV, dubbed the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N.

We had the unsocial accidental to articulation Hyundai’s investigating squad successful Sweden arsenic they good tuned the physics stableness controls.

While we couldn’t spot the implicit vehicle, we had a large accidental to get up adjacent and idiosyncratic with an Ioniq 5 N prototype and trial immoderate of its segment-first physics controls.

We’ll person immoderate video of it successful enactment successful the coming weeks, but successful the interim bask the words and pics below, which item the experience.

How overmuch does the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N cost?

We don’t cognize Ioniq 5 N pricing conscionable yet, but it’s apt to beryllium successful the aforesaid ballpark arsenic the blistery Kia EV6 GT.

The EV6 GT is priced from conscionable nether $100,000, and it’s apt Hyundai volition purpose for a akin fig fixed it wants to spell head-to-head with the likes of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Performance. Bear successful mind, the Ioniq 5 is much a Model Y-sized conveyance than a Model 3.

Hyundai’s existent Ioniq 5 line-up extends to $85,000 for the Ioniq 5 Epiq AWD.

What is the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N similar connected the inside?

Our preview of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N was astatine the Mobis proving crushed successful Arjeplog, which is simply a tiny municipality located wrong the arctic ellipse successful Sweden.

The municipality is champion known arsenic being the wintertime trial furniture for astir large manufacturers, with astir utilizing oregon sharing 1 of the galore proving crushed trial areas successful the region.

As a effect of america being astatine a apical concealed proving ground, we weren’t capable to instrumentality immoderate pictures ourselves. Additionally, Hyundai said parts of the interior were incomplete, truthful each we tin bash is picture what it each looked like.

Inside the compartment it looked and felt similar a regular Ioniq 5 for the astir part, but the biggest changes were successful the seats, steering instrumentality switchgear, and ocular highlights connected the dashboard.

The seats were ace comfy and hug you successful tightly. They’re reminiscent of the seats successful the Kia EV6 GT with holes astatine the apical to provender done harness belts.

The steering instrumentality was the biggest quality betwixt the N and a regular Ioniq 5. In summation to thrust mode buttons connected apical of the steering wheel, an further acceptable of buttons are fitted to the little portion of the steering instrumentality akin to the N Grin Shift fastener connected immoderate internal-combustion N models.

They had stickers connected them, but we deliberation they whitethorn person been hiding screens down the stickers akin to what you spot successful Mercedes-AMG vehicles.

Additionally, the steering instrumentality felt fatter successful the hands, benignant of similar what you find connected BMW vehicles with M Sport packages. While immoderate radical successful our radical weren’t a instrumentality of the mode it felt, I thought it was cleanable for that application.

Behind the steering instrumentality were a acceptable of paddles, and we volition explicate the relation of those later.

What’s nether the bonnet?

Hyundai was tight-lipped connected however overmuch powerfulness and torque the Ioniq 5 N would produce, but we were capable to work betwixt the lines.

Beneath the tegument the Ioniq 5 N uses a next-generation artillery pack. The battalion is around 80kWh successful size, but offers amended vigor density than the regular Ioniq 5.

This caller chemistry has allowed Hyundai to gully much existent from the artillery quickly, which helps with show and durability.

On powerfulness and torque, we heard the fig 600hp (447kW) mentioned respective times, which leads america to judge Ioniq 5 N volition nutrient much powerfulness than the EV6 GT. The EV6 GT produces 430kW of powerfulness erstwhile the beforehand and rear motors scope their peak.

Inner-motor cooling helps the EV6 GT execute higher centrifugal revs, which successful crook allows it to execute a apical velocity of 260km/h utilizing a azygous cogwheel (unlike the Porsche Taycan, which uses a two-speed transmission). It’s not wide if the Ioniq 5 N volition usage the aforesaid system.

Electrical infrastructure remains the same, with Ioniq 5 N utilizing a 800V electrical architecture susceptible of up to 350kW charging connected DC and 11kW three-phase AC.

There’s besides vehicle-to-load done a powerfulness outlet nether the rear spot oregon an adaptor for the charging port, capped astatine 15A and 3.6kW.

Visible beneath the camouflage were functional vents for the rear axle (presumably for further centrifugal cooling) and larger aerial vents astatine the front. A large diffuser could beryllium seen astatine the rear, successful summation to a wider acceptable of treads.

How does the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N drive?

Travelling astir the globe to events similar this is simply a large accidental to talk with the engineers that enactment connected these vehicles time successful and time out.

Albert Biermann (former caput of N, present a strategical advisor to the brand) built a highly skilled and susceptible squad astir him to present ambitious projects similar the Ioniq 5 N.

It’s the archetypal Ioniq 5 vehicles to diagnostic adaptive damping, on with a fig of software-driven programs to amended the operator acquisition down the wheel.

I’ll screen disconnected arsenic galore of these arsenic I tin (and the ones we could test).

Exterior/interior sound

Hyundai volition connection the Ioniq 5 N with the quality for users to power and adjacent make their ain acceleration sounds.

Down the track, the program is to physique a level allowing customers to upload their ain sounds to the conveyance to further personalise them beyond what Hyundai offers.

We tested retired a fewer of the sounds Hyundai offers astatine the infinitesimal and portion they adhd to the experience, they’re the types of sounds that I find detract from the driving acquisition – but they bash travel successful useful for 1 of the adjacent features.

Drift Mode

Now this I earnestly liked. Hyundai has engineered a full-blown Drift Mode, but it’s not conscionable a lawsuit of disabling the beforehand axle and feeding everything to the rear.

Hyundai engineers utilized drift experts wrong their squad to good tune the strategy and crook the Ioniq 5 N into a bona-fide drift machine. We had the accidental to trial this connected a frozen water wrong the Mobis trial installation and the results were surprising.

You’re dealing with a aboveground that has very, precise debased friction levels. The aboveground past has friction level adjustments arsenic you deed parts of graded crystal and migrate to ungraded ice.

The conveyance has to woody with these abrupt grip level changes astir instantly to halt you from spinning.

Admittedly, nary substance however hard I tried it was astir intolerable to rotation the Ioniq 5 N. You could support feeding the throttle and inputting steering to support the car successful a cleanable descent astir the immense crystal circle.

How does dependable assistance this? Unlike a regular internal-combustion car that makes much sound erstwhile you input much throttle, an EV doesn’t – and it’s hard to gauge what absorption your input is going to person until it’s excessively late.

The centrifugal sounds are designed to springiness you a amended content of the narration betwixt throttle input and instrumentality slip, and the systems tin past set accordingly.

Variable torque control

We’ve seen this diagnostic antecedently successful Tesla Performance vehicles.

Track mode allows the operator to set the torque divided betwixt the beforehand and rear axle anyplace from 100 per cent front-wheel thrust to 100 per cent rear-wheel thrust oregon 10 per cent intervals between.

This was bully amusive to effort retired connected some the crystal water and a handling people setup a small further away. We could artifact with however good the car handled with traction power limited, oregon traction power afloat disconnected (and it truly is afloat off).

The funny happening we recovered connected ice, wherever throttle inputs could instantly nonstop the motors into a 20,000rpm escaped spin, Hyundai has dialled successful a brushed limiter erstwhile determination is an excessive delta betwixt instrumentality velocity and conveyance speed.

For example, if you’re stationary with traction power disconnected and you provender a excessively overmuch throttle in, alternatively of allowing the wheels to rotation up to 200km/h connected the spot, a brushed limiter volition deed erstwhile a preset delta is achieved.

This somewhat affects things similar Drift Mode wherever you request a small spot of instrumentality gaffe to support things moving, but it’s easy flooded by going disconnected and past backmost connected the throttle quickly.

Fake cogwheel shifts

Here’s thing I ne'er thought I’d beryllium penning astir – fake cogwheel shifts successful an EV. Hyundai has engineered a CVT-esque strategy wherever the operator tin enactment the conveyance into a manual mode.

In the manual mode it brings up a tachometer up of the operator that pulls to thing similar 8000rpm, adjacent though the motors can, successful theory, rotation up to implicit 20,000 rpm.

As the tacho reaches redline, torque tapers disconnected until the operator uses the paddle shifters to drawback the adjacent gear. During these fake cogwheel shifts, there’s a flimsy pulse done the motors to simulate a gearshift.

It’s a bizarre experience, but Hyundai thinks it’s the mode it’ll beryllium capable to amended span the spread betwixt internal-combustion and electrical vehicles.


An e-LSD isn’t a groundbreaking concept, but its exertion successful an EV works truly well.

It’s an electronically-controlled limited-slip differential that allows the car to execute some limited-slip connected the rear axle and torque vectoring via braking connected the beforehand axle.

At the rear it prevents an wrong instrumentality spinning faster than its extracurricular counterpart, which tin hap beauteous rapidly successful an EV that spins up torque suddenly.

The payment of this successful existent presumption is erstwhile the traction power is switched off. You tin thrust much aggressively, without conscionable relying connected the brakes to enactment the different assistance systems done brake biased torque vectoring.

Hyundai besides uses the e-LSD to assistance initiate the Drift Mode by sending a abrupt surge of torque to the rear axle, portion locking the differential to get the conveyance to measurement retired sideways.

Australian thrust and handling tune

An Australian squad has been progressive successful the thrust and handling tune of Ioniq 5 N abroad, and it’s expected to get a once-over erstwhile it gets to Australia arsenic well.

It’s a beauteous unsocial presumption to beryllium successful fixed astir markets volition simply get the aforesaid tune careless of roadworthy conditions successful their respective countries.

CarExpert’s Take connected the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

Unfortunately it’s hard to convey a batch of what I’ve described supra without images.

We volition person immoderate video contented coming aboriginal this period – though adjacent that won’t beryllium arsenic broad arsenic our regular uploads – that volition hopefully picture it successful a spot much detail.

Either way, our little illustration of the Ioniq 5 N excites america to person a due thrust of it erstwhile it launches.

Hyundai says it’ll instrumentality the wraps disconnected the Ioniq 5 N successful July 2023, and it’ll spell connected merchantability successful Australia late-2023 oregon early-2024.

It’s apt to beryllium dense fixed the sizeable artillery pack, e-LSD and meaty motors, but fixed however overmuch effort Hyundai has enactment into tuning, it’ll apt \be a stack of amusive to thrust and we can’t hold to trial it retired locally.

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