2023 Volkswagen T-Roc R Grid Edition review

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Volkswagen is inactive battling with choky proviso connected its hottest models, but it has a fewer tricks up its sleeve to effort getting much cars successful Australia.

One of those tricks is creating specials similar the T-Roc R Grid Edition.

300 units are coming to Australia successful the archetypal shipment, with a starting terms $5000 little than that of the regular go-fast T-Roc R.

Although it’s missing immoderate luxury and progressive information equipment, the T-Roc R Grid hasn’t mislaid immoderate show to prevention cash. It’s inactive powered by a pumped-up 2.0-litre turbo making 221kW, it’s inactive all-wheel drive, and it’s inactive disposable successful flagship Lapiz Blue metallic paint.

In different words, it inactive ticks a batch of boxes for show buyers connected a budget.

How overmuch does the Volkswagen T-Roc R Grid Edition cost?

The T-Roc R Grid Edition is priced from $54,300 earlier on-roads, undercutting the regular T-Roc R by $6000.

It’s besides $9690 little costly than its bigger brother, the Tiguan R Grid Edition, and a whopping $12,690 little than the Golf R hatchback.

There are a fewer different large differences, led by the information you tin really get a T-Roc R.

Hot crossovers and hatches are hard to travel by crossed the committee close now, from Honda to Hyundai, but you tin really get a regular T-Roc R successful Australia astatine the infinitesimal acknowledgment to a large proviso woody confirmed by Volkswagen successful January.

2023 Volkswagen T-Roc R pricing:

  • Volkswagen T-Roc R Grid Edition: $54,300
  • Volkswagen T-Roc R: $60,300

Prices exclude on-road costs

What is the Volkswagen T-Roc R Grid Edition similar connected the inside?

The large alteration to the T-Roc R Grid Edition is the seats. Rather than the Nappa leather-trimmed sports seats from the modular car, you get cloth and suede-trimmed versions of the aforesaid pews up front.

They aren’t heated, but they bash look excellent. They’re besides adjacent grippier than the leather units successful the corners, and the other popular of colour they bring is nicely successful keeping with the T-Roc’s much youthful bent alongside the the Golf and Tiguan.

Otherwise, the compartment is the aforesaid functional, comfortable, and high-tech abstraction we cognize and emotion from the regular T-Roc.

The operator grasps a leather-trimmed steering instrumentality that feels great, but features silly capacitive buttons that are excessively casual to accidentally property if you’re having a crack. Between the R fastener and the heated steering instrumentality button, you’ll beryllium adjusting settings by mishap constantly.

The touchscreen sitting arrogant of the dashboard features the aforesaid infotainment bundle offered successful the Tiguan, with cleanable graphics and speedy responses. Wireless Apple CarPlay features, though you tin plug into the USB-C ports, and the menus are each logically laid out.

The 10.25-inch integer driver’s show remains a class-leader, too. It’s casual to work connected the move, and offers plentifulness of accusation for information nerds.

Volkswagen has adjacent stuck with a due clime power pod, alternatively than burying those controls successful the cardinal screen.

Storage abstraction astir the compartment is mostly beauteous good. Along with the wireless charger astatine the basal of the dashboard, determination are cupholders, decent doorway pockets, and a compact bin beneath the cardinal armrest.

It doesn’t consciousness similar a tiny car up front, the T-Roc.

Rear spot abstraction is decent, though anyone lugging a household astir volition privation to look astatine the Tiguan R.

Adults volition beryllium capable to get comfy backmost determination connected shorter trips, acknowledgment to coagulated headroom and legroom, and the inclusion of aerial vents and USB-C ports is simply a triumph for anyone sitting backmost there. ISOFIX points diagnostic connected the outboard rear seats, and determination are 3 top-tether points for kid seats.

Boot abstraction is simply a claimed 392 litres with the rear seats successful place, which expands to 1237 litres with them folded.

What’s nether the bonnet?

Power successful the T-Roc R Grid Edition comes from the aforesaid 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that features successful the regular model, making the aforesaid 221kW (5300-6600rpm) and 400Nm (2000-5300rpm).

It’s mated with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and a 4Motion all-wheel thrust system.

The claimed 100km/h sprint clip is 4.9 seconds, and claimed substance system is 8.3 litres per 100km connected the combined cycle. The T-Roc R drinks 98 RON premium unleaded, and has a 55L substance tank.

It’s fitted with a petrol peculiar filter (PPF), making it peculiarly important owners don’t effort to prevention a subordinate by filling with cheaper substance that whitethorn clog that filter and necessitate costly repairs.

How does the Volkswagen T-Roc R Grid Edition drive?

The Grid wants for thing successful the show stakes comparative to the regular R.

It’s inactive a turbo tearaway with plentifulness of traction, that feels much blistery hatch than blistery SUV. In different words, it’s plentifulness of fun.

The turbocharged four-cylinder motor packs a steadfast punch debased successful the rev range, and rips done to the mid-range to redline.

When you aren’t successful a hurry it conscionable shuffles around, leaning connected its muscular torque reserves, but propulsion harder and the DSG drops a cogwheel (or three) and dumps you straight into the nutrient of the engine’s powerfulness band.

Volkswagen says the T-Roc R takes attraction of the 100km/h sprint successful conscionable shy of 5 seconds, which perfectly feels close successful the existent world. And it’ll bash it successful fundamentally immoderate conditions, acknowledgment to the 4Motion all-wheel thrust system.

Unlike the caller Golf R, the T-Roc doesn’t person a rear differential susceptible of actively shuffling torque to the extracurricular rear wheel.

But it does person speedy steering and a sticky beforehand axle, some of which conspire to marque this a car you tin truly chuck into corners astatine speed.

Even connected choky roads covered successful leafage litter and twigs you tin propulsion it hard, and consciousness assured it’ll conscionable bent on.

It doesn’t consciousness each that adjustable erstwhile you’re into a country – you can’t play with its equilibrium by lifting disconnected the accelerator – but it besides isn’t prone to understeer. It conscionable does what you inquire of it without fuss.

Although immoderate instrumentality has been deleted to marque the Grid easier to produce, the adaptive dampers modular connected the R diagnostic present arsenic well.

In Comfort, they lend the T-Roc a reasonably relaxed ride, albeit 1 that’s inactive taut capable to punctual you it’s a sporty hatch.

In Race, it’s appreciably firmer, but was inactive compliant capable to grip the worst Victorian backmost roads could propulsion astatine it. The T-Roc doesn’t get deflected by mid-corner bumps, allowing you to enactment successful the throttle connected mediocre surfaces.

When you aren’t successful a hurry, the T-Roc relaxes into metropolis beingness nicely. Visibility is decent over-the-shoulder, though the nonaccomplishment of blind-spot monitoring does unit you to beryllium much vigilant with your caput checks, and the astute DSG combines with the torquey motor for effortless low-speed running.

Volkswagen’s suite of operator assists are besides precise smart. The adaptive cruise power smartly maintains a spread to the car successful front, and the lane-keep assistance isn’t excessively hands on.

The main sound connected its refinement is roadworthy noise, which astatine road speeds connected Australian backmost roads is poorly suppressed.

It’s a communal ailment with European show cars, and 1 that’ll person you cranking up the stereo successful the T-Roc.

What bash you get?

T-Roc R Grid Edition highlights:

  • 19-inch Pretoria alloy wheels
  • Adaptive Chassis Control with Race mode
  • Progressive steering
  • R exterior and interior styling
  • LED headlights
  • Exterior ambient lighting
  • Premium metallic paint
  • 9.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • Voice and Gesture control
  • Satellite navigation
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
  • Wireless telephone charging
  • Dual-zone clime control
  • Microfleece/cloth spot trim

Is the Volkswagen T-Roc R Grid Edition safe?

While the T-Roc scope wears a five-star ANCAP information rating based connected tests conducted by Euro NCAP successful 2017, the T-Roc R is unrated.

It received an big occupant extortion people of 96 per cent, a kid occupant extortion people of 87 per cent, a pedestrian extortion people of 79 per cent, and a information assistance people of 71 per cent.

Compared to the regular T-Roc R, the Grid Edition misses retired connected blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and proactive occupant protection.

Standard information features include:

  • 6 airbags
  • AEB with pedestrian detection
  • Adaptive cruise power with stop/go
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane support assist
  • Travel Assist
    • Adaptive cruise control
    • Active lane centring
  • Park Assist (bay and parallel)
  • Parking sensors front, rear
  • Reversing camera

How overmuch does the Volkswagen T-Roc R Grid Edition outgo to run?

The T-Roc, similar each caller Volkswagen models, is covered by a five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty.

Scheduled attraction is required each 12 months oregon 15,000 kilometres – whichever comes first.

Volkswagen offers three- and five-year Care Plans for each versions of the T-Roc, costing $1700 and $2950 respectively for the R, averaging betwixt $530 and $560 per annum.

CarExpert’s Take connected the Volkswagen T-Roc R Grid Edition

The T-Roc R Grid is each spot arsenic bully to thrust arsenic the regular model, and doesn’t consciousness similar it’s missing overmuch successful the instrumentality stakes either.

The caller seats are each spot arsenic supportive arsenic the modular units, and the nonaccomplishment of blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert doesn’t wounded excessively overmuch successful a compact car similar this.

Yes, there’ll beryllium radical who privation them, but the regular T-Roc R inactive exists for them.

Given it’s truthful hard to get your hands connected a blistery hatch successful 2023, with proviso shortages biting hard, the T-Roc R Grid shapes arsenic a precise appealing mode for enthusiasts to get their kicks successful a comparatively compact package.

I’ll person excavation successful grey, thanks.

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