11 Awesome Things to do in Burleigh Heads + Places To Eat

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If you’re reasoning of a Gold Coast abrogation successful Australia, past you mightiness privation to formed your eyes connected Burleigh Heads.

This quaint suburb successful the Gold Coast city, nestled betwixt Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta, is celebrated for its surfing, but determination are truthful galore much things to bash successful Burleigh Heads than conscionable deed the waves.

aerial presumption    of burleigh headland implicit    burleigh heads beachCredit: Destination Gold Coast

What we emotion astir Burleigh Heads is its unpretentious and caters mostly to families, truthful you volition find a relaxed, welcoming vibe and plentifulness of activities for kids to enjoy.

We besides emotion however truthful galore tiny businesses flourish present and are what gives Burleigh Heads a hep and edgy vibe that promotes wholesome food, wellness and outdoor living.

This communal vibe makes our hometown an awesome spot to live, truthful we’re sharing our apical attractions successful Burleigh Heads, arsenic good arsenic database our favourite tiny businesses that springiness Burleigh Heads a communal and vibrant feel.

Things to Do successful Burleigh Heads

But first, if you’re not definite what to bash successful Burleigh Heads, past here’s a database of the apical Burleigh Heads attractions to adhd to your itinerary:

1. Visit the Burleigh Markets

people walking done  a market

One of my favourite things to bash is my play sojourn to the Burleigh Farmers Market.

It’s held each Saturday greeting from 7-12pm astatine the Burleigh Head State School. It’s my time-out to drawback an integrated coconut beverage java and past dilatory rotation the caller nutrient store. I banal up connected my integrated effect and veg and sometimes bargain a works oregon a caller crystal.

people sittin gon writer  astatine  The Village Markets

Then, connected the archetypal and 3rd Sunday of each month The Village Markets are held astatine the aforesaid place. This 1 is much focused connected section creation – jewelry, clothes, homewares, gifts, boutiques and a fewer nutrient trucks.

They person unrecorded acoustic euphony connected the tract and I mostly beryllium for a mates of hours with my coconut beverage java listening to astonishing home-grown endowment portion the girls play successful the playground.

It has specified a chilled Sunday vibe for maine and the infinitesimal I truly consciousness similar a Burleigh local!

Click to work a full usher connected the Burleigh Farmer’s Market including tons of photos.

  • Location: Burleigh Heads State School connected the country of Lower Gold Coast Hwy and West Burleigh Rd. 
  • Hours: Every Saturday from 7am – 12 noon
  • Website

2. Go Walking In Burleigh Head National Park

view of tallebudgra creek going into the water  from tumgun lookoutView from Tumgun Lookout, Burleigh Heads NP

The Burleigh Head National Park is simply a tiny earthy country connected the Burleigh Heads headland. It’s known for its abbreviated 2km Rainforest Circuit walk, which takes you done the beauteous rainforest scenery to the Tumgun Lookout.

You’ll locomotion done rocky foreshore, a dense eucalypt forest, on heaths and done pandanus groves, past mangroves and grassland.

As good arsenic person views of the seashore and pristine beaches on the way. Look retired for whales during the season. There are beauteous swimming beaches arsenic you get to Tallebudgra Creek.

girl connected  rocks adjacent   creek edge

It lone takes astir 1.5 hours to implicit and is comparatively easy, adjacent children tin bash it. So, if you’re looking for a abbreviated and saccharine enactment successful Burleigh Heads, beryllium definite to cheque this out.

Check retired much of these great walks connected the Gold Coast

3. Hit Up Burleigh Heads Beach

girl surfing waves

One of my favourite escaped things to bash successful Burleigh Heads is to cheque retired the beaches, and arsenic a world-class surfing destination, you tin beryllium definite determination are plentifulness of them to enjoy.

I don’t deliberation I’ve seen a atrocious formation on the full Gold Coast, but successful Burleigh Heads, determination is but 1 formation that stands retired supra the rest; Burleigh Beach.

family walking on  the beach

This is the main formation successful Burleigh Heads and is the cleanable spot to walk a blistery day, cooling disconnected successful the waters and playing successful the sand.

There is simply a beauteous grassy parkland down the soil wherever you tin unbend if you don’t privation to get sandy, and wherever you’ll besides find nationalist BBQs and a playground.

It’s besides known for its fantabulous surf. In fact, each twelvemonth it holds the Gold Coast Open, a immense surfing competition!

During the wintertime months (June to November), you whitethorn adjacent spot whales migrating disconnected the shores.

4. Enjoy the Views signifier North Burleigh Lookout

park and views astatine  sunset from northbound  burleigh lookoutCredit: Destination Gold Coast

At the bluish extremity of Burleigh is simply a spectacular viewpoint from a tiny hill, called North Burleigh Lookout, portion of the Mick Schamburg Park. It’s besides known arsenic the South Nobby Headland oregon Little Burleigh and separates North Burleigh and Miami beaches.

It’s a favourite for locals to tally up and down the hill for other fitness. You get astonishing views southbound on Burleigh Beach and northbound on Miami Beach. You get beauteous sunset and sunrise views from present and it’s cleanable for whale watching during the season.

5. Walk the Burleigh Beach Ocean Walk

seat successful  betwixt  2  trees with views of burleigh beachExpect these kinds of views the full way.

I cannot archer you however galore times I person walked up and down the stunning water locomotion that runs each on Burleigh Beach from the nationalist parkland to North Burleigh Lookout. As we did not ain a car successful Burleigh, it was our mode of transport. And what a stress-free travel it was!

The postulation starts with the prima (4:30am successful the summer) and lights up the way with bustling activity, which goes each the mode to the twilight hours.

This self-guided locomotion features informative signs marking the determination flora unsocial to the area. And determination are fittingness stations acceptable up the full way. This way is fashionable ticker for bikes, scooters and folks connected roller skates. You’ll spot plentifulness of picnickers, cyclists, workout groups, and dog-walkers.

You’ll emotion the (steep) rainbow stairs down from North Burleigh Lookout to Don MacSween Park. You tin support walking on the foreshore of Miami Beach to Thorn Park. (We person continued walking each the mode to Surfers Paradise!)

6. Dine astatine Burleigh Bazaar

One of the apical things to bash successful Burleigh Heads astatine nighttime is to cheque retired the imperishable nighttime market, Burleigh BBQ Bazaar.

If you’re a foodie instrumentality oregon you bask barbecue food, past this is the cleanable spot to find a wound to devour and ticker immoderate unrecorded entertainment.

The Bazaar is located wrong a refurbished warehouse and is lone unfastened connected weekends. You’ll find imperishable nutrient vendors, plentifulness of seating, and ticker unrecorded bands playing.

  • Location: 18 Junction Rd, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia
  • Hours: 5.00pm – 10.00pm Friday and Saturday

7. Go Fishing oregon Kayaking connected Tallebudgera Creek

people paddle baroding connected  creek

If you’re bushed of formation days, but inactive request the refreshing waters to chill you off, past caput implicit to Tallebudgera Creek.

The 25km stream is known for being a sportfishing haven, and there’s besides immoderate beauteous beaches specified arsenic Palm Beach and Echo Beach wherever you tin aquatics and paddle successful shallow waters.

You tin rent a kayak, SUP, oregon canoe and research the creek, oregon simply laic connected the sandy beaches.

8. Play At Justin’s Park

plaground connected  beach

Located connected Burleigh Heads foreshore is Justins Park, a fantastic spot for kids and adults. It’s a gathering spot for locals mundane whether for picnics, yoga and fittingness classes, assemblage events, and a kid’s playground, that has basal instrumentality similar swings, slides, and monkey bars,

There are galore picnic tables oregon parkland seat seats, the cleanable spot to conscionable sit, perceive to the rainbow lorikeets and lapping waves, and ticker the satellite spell by. 

The surf nine is close determination and the kiosk nether the surf nine is ace casual and large for inexpensive eats.

AND during the summertime they often person escaped hula hoop, juggling sticks and games instrumentality the kids tin play with.

P.S. Grab a takeaway java from Nook Espresso around the country towards Burleigh Point, oregon from Borough Barista across the thoroughfare connected the Esplanade whilst watching the kids play!

9. Have a Spa Day astatine Freedom Float Centre

man and pistillate   smiling astatine  camera successful  broadside  spaPhoto credit: Freedom Float Centre

If you’re not staying successful a fancy resort, don’t worry, you tin inactive bask a spa attraction successful Burleigh Heads.

As we’re each astir supporting tiny businesses, 1 of our favourite spas successful Burleigh Heads is Freedom Float Center, wherever you tin bask the serenity of a floatation tank.

Floatation tanks are known to assistance stiff and tender muscles, beforehand bully humor circulation, trim accent and, with the assistance of Epsom brackish successful the water, region toxins from your body.

There are truthful galore much benefits to a floatation tank, and if you haven’t tried it, beryllium definite to cheque retired Freedom Float to spot what they tin bash for you.

  • Location: 5/105 W Burleigh Rd, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
  • Hours: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8.15am – 6.00pm, Wednesday 8.15am – 7.30pm, Thursday 8.15am – 9.00pm, Closed Monday

10. See Native Animals astatine David Fleay Wildlife Park

a crocodile successful  waterSaltwater croc up adjacent and personal

If you’re an planetary visitant looking to larn astir autochthonal Aussie wildlife, past beryllium definite to sojourn the David Fleay Wildlife Park, which sits connected heritage-listed parkland.

It opened successful the 1950s and has been dedicated to preserving immoderate of Australia’s astir threatened species, specified arsenic emus, dingos, and brackish h2o crocs.

  • Location: Loman Lane, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
  • Hours: 9.00am – 4.00pm daily

11. Get Your Back Fixed astatine Zuma Health

chiropractor adjusting antheral   connected  table

We emotion the squad astatine Zuma Health! We sojourn 2-3 times a week truthful cognize them good and consciousness portion of their family.

Chiropractor Dr Matt discovered my wonky backmost astatine the section farmer’s market. He had a large introductory connection and we’ve been visiting arsenic a household for six months present and person seen HUGE improvements with our well-being.

Matt truly cares astir helping your assemblage heal itself. He’s precise diligent and provides america with tons of proposal connected however we tin holistically proceed to heal ourselves done diet, workout and accent relief. He’s besides a batch of amusive and Kalyra and Savannah adore him.

Matt and his squad besides connection kinesiology, massage and yoga services.

  • Location: 112 West Burleigh Rd, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
  • Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 7.00am – 6.00pm, Saturday 8.00am – 2.00pm, Closed Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Burleigh Heads Restaurants

Now you cognize what to bash successful Burleigh Heads, it’s clip to archer you the champion places to refuel and dine connected delicious food! Here are our favourite places to devour and portion successful Burleigh Heads…

1. Commune Cafe

people sitting astatine  extracurricular  array  Commune Cafe, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Commune Cafe is conscionable a abbreviated locomotion from our apartment. It’s our escape-from-the-office-for-a cup-of-sanity place.

Commune has a quirky vintage consciousness with walls covered successful gig posters, an extracurricular seating country and comfy couches retired the front. You’ve perchance seen a fewer Insta photos of america hanging retired connected them!

It has an integrated nutrient absorption and Mondays are devoted to a meatless menu. On peculiar days, similar Father’s Day and agelong weekends, they whip retired a ping pong table, which our girls love.

We urge an almond beverage java and the Hangover breakfast: bacon, spinach, poached eggs and seasoned potatoes with chilli jam and hollandaise sauce! Hello amended day!

  • Location: 1844 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
  • Hours: 6:30am – 3.00pm daily

2. Miami Marketta Street Food

live euphony  playing astatine  miama marketta

Miami Marketta is conscionable extracurricular the borderline of Burleigh successful the municipality of Miami, but it’s wrong walking region and excessively unsocial and chill not to include.

Miami Marketta is an outdoor unrecorded euphony and events venue. Every Friday and Saturday evening they person a nighttime nutrient marketplace acquisition showcasing cuisine from astir the world. There are besides a mates of bars and unrecorded euphony and is household friendly.

woman cooking miami marketta-2

Our prime is vegetarian nachos with cashew pick from The Hungry Belly!

  • Location:  23 Hillcrest, Parade Miami QLD, 4221
  • Hours: Friday 5.00pm – 10.00pm, Saturday 4.00pm- 10.00pm

3. Ze Pickle

food and drinks connected  a tablePhoto: Ze Pickle Facebook

Ze Pickle is simply a groovy tiny barroom successful the centre of Burleigh municipality showcasing immoderate of the champion trade brews successful the country. They are besides good known for their American-style burgers. Come aboriginal to drawback yourself a candlelit array connected the leafy sidewalk – successful Burleigh style, they’re communal!

We cannot spell past recommending a brew from Bridge Road Brewery. We besides urge the Pablo Escoburger, a Mexican benignant burger!

  • Location: Connor Street Burleigh Heads Queensland 4220
  • Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 5.00pm, Saturday & Sunday from midday

4. BSKT Cafe

woman and kids sitting extracurricular  with drinks astatine  BSKT cafe, Gold Coast, Queensland

Again, conscionable a 30 infinitesimal locomotion up the roadworthy from Burleigh, BSKT Cafe is 1 of the champion family-friendly cafes connected the Gold Coast. There’s a spacious fenced successful play country successful the extracurricular seating country filled with toys and dolls for the kids.

Our girls emotion it. They tin play portion we work, unbend with a coffee, oregon conscionable with friends oregon clients.

BSKT is besides known for its modern, integrated Australian cuisine that caters to a assortment of dietary requirements. They adjacent person a yoga workplace upstairs if you privation to be a people earlier you devour a steadfast meal.

Our prime is the Bskt Breakky Salad!

  • Location: 4 Lavarack Rd, Gold Coast QLD 4218
  • Hours: Monday – Thursday 7.00am – 4.00pm, Friday – Saturday 7.00am – 10.00pm, Sunday 7.00am – 5.00pm

5. Burleigh Heads Brewery

people sitting successful  brew  gardenCredit: Destination Gold Coast

Looking for immoderate section brew? The Burleigh Brewing Company, the archetypal brewer connected Gold Coast, is wherever it’s at.

The Burleigh Brewing Company likes to springiness their brew clip to cleanable its ain flavours. They don’t usage additives, preservatives oregon chemicals – nary wide accumulation tricks here, which is wherefore we emotion them. They’re authentic and existent conscionable similar our beauteous Burleigh.

They person unrecorded euphony astatine the Taphouse connected Saturdays and Sundays. They’ll person a eatery soon, but for present determination are nutrient trucks.

We urge the 28 Pale Ale and Hef. (But you can’t spell past immoderate of their quirky named brew similar My Wife’s Bitter)

  • Location: 17A Ern Harley Drive, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
  • Hours: Friday 3.00pm – 9.00pm, Saturday 12.00pm – 9.00pm, Sunday 12.00pm – 6.00pm, Closed Monday – Thursday

6. Black Hops Brewery

bicycles against achromatic  gathering  with brewery store  doors unfastened  and radical   drinkingCredit: Destination Gold Coast

Black Hops is a large section Burleigh story, created by 3 mates, 1 of who, Dan, is an entrepreneur person of ours. It’s been large to spot however they’ve grown this award-winning brewery into 1 of hte best, not conscionable om the Gold Coast, but successful Australia.

Their archetypal brewery and taproom is successful Burleigh Heads and utilized to beryllium a abbreviated locomotion from our apartment!

  • Hours:
    • Wednesday to Friday: 12-7pm
    • Saturday and Sunday: 12-6pm
  • Address: 15 Gardenia Grove, Burleigh Heads

7. North Burleigh Surf Club

aerial presumption    of norht burleigh surf nine  and beachWhat a determination (It’s the achromatic gathering and North Burleigh lookout to the left)

Queensland rocks the surf nine world!

We emotion that we’re a abbreviated locomotion to North Burleigh Surf Club. It has water views and a ample country grassed country outside, oregon the beach, wherever the kids tin play. Inside the nine is simply a covered extracurricular seating area. We’re looking guardant to summertime afternoons, wherever we tin chill present with a solid of wine,live music, and a gorgeous presumption aft a time astatine the beach.

The nutrient present is beauteous bully – decent serves and assortment with regular specials.

For kids, we urge the Cheeky Monkey Picky Platter (a steadfast kids’ repast with veg sticks, fruit, grilled chicken, cheese, and meats.) I emotion the Thai beef crockery and Craig loves the chickenhearted schnitzel.

  • Address: 293 The Esplanade Miami Qld 4220
  • Hours: Monday to Friday 10.00am-late, Saturday & Sunday 7.00am-late

Stay: Budjerim Apartments

man lasting  connected  balcony looking astatine  formation  view

The Budjerim Apartments is our apical proposal for wherever to enactment successful Burleigh Heads. You cannot bushed its determination crossed the roadworthy from the formation with wide sweeping views of Burleigh Point from the balcony. Paired cleanable with a greeting java oregon evening beverage.

The aforesaid stunning presumption is determination from your chamber model and luxurious surviving space. It’s the eventual Burleigh formation experience. You’re besides lone steps distant from large restaurants, cafes, and the Burleigh Heads National Park.

Read our afloat reappraisal here.

Other places to enactment successful Burleigh Heads that are besides great:

  • Solnamara Beach Front Apartments. This is wherever we lived for 18 months! Located wrong casual walking region to North Burleigh and Burleigh Heads.
  • Burleigh Esplanade Apartments: Another large determination connected the beachfront. You’ll find an outdoor edifice benignant pool, communal sauna, a blistery tub and barbecue facilities.

Final Thoughts connected Things to Do successful Burleigh Heads

surfer walking retired  of water  astatine  burleigh heads with skyrises successful  the backgroundBeautiful Burleigh Heads

So determination you person it, this is what to bash successful Burleigh Heads for immoderate visitant and I deliberation you’ll find it’s not lone a surfer’s paradise, but a well-rounded destination for tourists from each walks of life.

Whether you’re looking for a quiescent flight from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane oregon you’re stopping disconnected connected a longer Australia roadworthy trip, determination is thing for everyone here.

One of our biggest tips for having an awesome question acquisition is to go wherever the locals go! It’s however you tin find those hidden gems and dive deeper into the section culture. It gives you mode amended stories to share.

We anticipation this usher helped you program your travel to Burleigh Heads and gave you immoderate inspiration astir what to do.

Tours successful Burleigh Heads

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Where bash you emotion to store tiny successful your neighborhood? Share your Burleigh Heads tips, oregon your section municipality tips, successful the comments below!

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