10 tech conferences you can't miss in India in 2023

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The immense state of India has agelong been associated with tech accumulation and engineering. With its vibrant start-up civilization and estimation arsenic the adjacent Silicon Valley, India is hosting assorted tech conferences successful 2023, cleanable for professionals looking for insights into the industry's adjacent large thing. 

From New Delhi to Bangalore, what could beryllium much thrilling than combining a travel to these bustling metropolises with networking with tech's astir innovative leaders? But with truthful galore tech hubs to take from, it tin beryllium challenging to whittle down a shortlist of must-attend events. 

Here astatine TravelPerk, we person drawn up our database of the year's apical 10 exertion conferences successful India, and arsenic ever, our question experts stay connected manus to assistance you crook your plans into an itinerary! 

Internet of Things India Expo

27th - 29th March 2023
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Join implicit 1700 delegates and 30,000 tech enthusiasts for 3 days of marveling astatine the latest innovations astatine IOT India. Wander done the extended commercialized amusement wherever implicit 800 exhibitors and 100 start-ups stitchery to show their cutting-edge tech solutions oregon scope retired implicit 50 league sessions connected a assortment of fascinating futuristic topics.

This twelvemonth 150 speakers volition stock the wrong scoop connected subjects similar Accelerating Future Smart Cities utilizing Data & Digitization and Beyond Streaming - what's adjacent for media and OTT? Who tin you expect to see? This year's lineup includes Prashant Malik, Senior Technology Lead for Digital Assets astatine HSBC and Deepti Matai, Head of Industry - Auto astatine Google India. 


27th - 29th March 2023
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

In municipality for IOT India? Then you volition privation to be the sister lawsuit IndiaSoft. Hosting implicit 1000 starring IT companies since 2001, this three-day expo celebrates the stars of the bundle industry. Focusing connected helping attendees forge meaningful concern connections, participants tin signifier meetings with peers moving successful assorted specialities, including Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Process Automation and Big Data Analytics. The league not lone covers the afloat gamut of tech sectors but draws an planetary assemblage with implicit 500 delegates visiting from implicit 100 antithetic countries. 

Cybersecurity Summit: Bengaluru

12th - 13th April 2023
Conrad Hotel, Bengaluru  

Cybersecurity professionals looking to get up successful tackling the latest challenges tin summation captious cognition successful Bengaluru this April. Chaired by Sridhar Sidhu, Senior Vice President and Head of Information Security Services Group astatine Wells Fargo, this year's league volition diagnostic talks from esteemed tech professionals specified arsenic Minatee Mishra, Director astatine Philips.

2023's topics volition see the newest developments successful XDR, unreality security, the emerging tract of quantum machine subject successful cybersecurity, and overmuch more. If you can't marque these dates, don't worry, further editions volition beryllium held passim the year, including sister summits successful Singapore successful July, New Delhi successful August and Mumbai successful November. 

Great International Developer Summit (GIDS) India 

25th - 28th April 2023
TBC, Bangalore 

Sponsored by Atlassian, Google Cloud and Wells Fargo, GIDS India offers 4 days of intensive learning for bundle engineers. Providing a cornucopia of insights, the awesome docket blends method discussions similar Improving the Quality of JavaScript Code with industry-specific conversations specified arsenic The Future of Automotive: A Developer's Look astatine Software Defined Vehicles.

On apical of visionary seminar sessions, attendees tin caput to the marque marketplace to larn astir the dev civilization and upcoming opportunities astatine the starring tech companies oregon cheque retired the latest ideas astatine the tech expo. Looking for a mentor oregon aboriginal concern partner? This extended tech lawsuit has ample opportunities to web with the champion developers and entrepreneurs from assorted sectors. 

Data Engineering Summit 

27th - 28th April 2023
Hotel Radisson Blu, Bengaluru

Gearing up for its 2nd edition, the Data Engineering Summit volition bring unneurotic implicit 700 attendees to instrumentality vantage of its extended docket of presentations, workshops and panels. With implicit 30 speakers connected the roster, 2023 volition spot the likes of Adarsh Srivastava, Head of Product & Data Quality Engineering astatine Roche and Setu Kumar Chaturvedi, Head COE of Data Science, Data Engineering & Data Analytics astatine Reserve Bank Information Technology, instrumentality to the stage.

Perfect for tech professionals looking to brushwood up connected the latest manufacture advancements, topics up for treatment this twelvemonth volition see champion practices for streamlining information pipelines and the newest developments successful predictive analytics.  

World Test Engineering Summit

22nd - 23rd June 2023
Sterlings Mac Hotel, Bengaluru

An exclusive lawsuit for tech architects, testers and developers, the World Test Engineering Summit releases conscionable 100 tickets each year. A two-day in-depth dive into the challenges facing these roles, this tech lawsuit is an fantabulous accidental to make your skills successful exertion investigating and DevOps practices. With implicit 30 speakers from crossed the globe, this year's sessions autumn into 2 tracks.

One much method volition see topics specified arsenic Understanding and optimizing dockerfile. The other, meanwhile, volition absorption much mostly connected upcoming tech trends similar How are AI and Machine Learning affecting QA? Plus, with erstwhile sponsors including Amadeus, Accenture and Sabre, determination volition beryllium plentifulness of thought leaders to web with during the breaks.  


23rd June 2023
Hotel Radisson Blu, Bengaluru

Join implicit 100 CDOs astatine India's largest gathering of Analytics and AI thought leaders. This one-day lawsuit aims to research emerging opportunities successful the satellite of information by bringing unneurotic an exclusive database of participants to web and stock the challenges of this increasing industry.

Drawing professionals from assorted sectors, 2023 attendees volition see Paroma Chatterjee, CEO astatine Revolut India, Ravindra Patil, Group Leader of Data and AI astatine Philips and Anthony Devassy, SVP & Head of Data Office astatine Tata AIG General Insurance Company. After a time of fascinating insights, visitors tin hitch shoulders with the champion and brightest astatine the closing web drinks and dinner. 

Smart CIO Summit 

19th July 2023
Hilton Hotel, Guindy, Chennai

Backed by the likes of Siemens, Samsung and Dell, the Smart CIO Summit boasts an action-packed docket crafted to supply managers with strategical breakthroughs to instrumentality their teams to the adjacent level.

With informative sessions sharing revolutionary practices and up-and-coming trends crossed cybersecurity, hazard absorption and endowment retention, participants are definite to permission with a wealthiness of knowledge. Drawing implicit 200 IT executives, betwixt the enlightening keynote speeches and lawsuit survey discussions, attendees tin web with tech leaders from a scope of sectors, including retail, aviation and healthcare. 


4th - 5th October 2023
The Westin Gurgaon Hotel, New Delhi

TECHSPO's world-renowned tech league heads to New Delhi successful October. Stretched implicit 2 days, this acme draws developers, marketers and designers unneurotic to stock cutting-edge developments with chap professionals and the world's media. With attendees from Mobile, SaaS and Internet, to sanction a few, determination are insights for each tech workers.

Part conference, portion exhibition, participants tin beef up their cognition astatine this lawsuit and wow their peers and grow their networks by showcasing their businesses' latest innovations. Featured successful publications similar CNN, NBC and CBS, this is India's lone TECHSPO edition, truthful beryllium definite to unafraid your tickets soon!  

Open Source India 

12th - 13th October 2023
NIMHANS Convention Center, Bengaluru

With six chiseled tracks, this two-day exertion league aims to supply attendees with a streamlined docket tailored to their role-specific interests. Whether you are a bundle developer oregon a elder concern decision-maker, determination is simply a big of accusation connected offer. From discussing emerging tools and technologies to debating the champion DevOps and absorption practices, determination are aureate insights for tech professionals astatine each level. Attracting apical names successful 2022, this tech fest's adept speakers included Prashanth Subrahmanyam, Lead Developer Advocate for Google Cloud, Shweta Nayak, Senior Program Manager for Microsoft and Michiel Steltenpool, Head Of Software Engineering for Shell.  

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